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Airport Clean Solutions

Airport Clean Solutions
1.The apperance of iClean products presents a more intelligent,more diversify, cleaner,and safer image of airport to the world.

Airport, the first name card of a city and even a country, can be considered as the most significant gateway. An intelligent, professional, diversify, clean, and safe airport will unquestionably be fancied by tourists around the world. iClean robots have the capability to buid a better image of the airport with the aid of the advanced interactive media cleaning robot.

2.Scientific management and operation.

Scientific, normalized operation platform and roboticists team assist to bulid a nomative management system for the airport.

3. Advertisement display achieves extra profit.

With three large display screens, iSmart interactive media cleaning comes standard with schedule advertising, continuous advertising and advertisement customation. The mobile screen on the robot will turn into valuable advertisement resources among the limited advertising media, which aims to achieve greater efficiency, more profit and comission.

4. Enhance security.

With a laser sensor, iSmart interactive media cleaning robot improves the detecting ability of the airport. Additionaly, smog, human body and odor detector help to find abnormal problem and slove it as early as possible.

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